Letter for my Mother


Dear Mummy,

Happy Mother’s Day! Last year I wrote you a song. This year, let it be a letter.

We are, now and forever, linked. You’ve always been my security blanket, my shoulder to cry on, my heartbeat, and my wings. You keep me centred and make me feel like I can actually… not just fly, but SOAR.

You’re that voice of reason that sometimes drives me crazy, because I know you’re right, but I just don’t want to hear it in that moment. Eventually, I end up doing some combination of what you and Daddy suggested in the first place. And you have never said, “I told you so,” and I am infinitely grateful to you for that.

I am amazed at what you have endured and you’re still so much more youthful and free-spirited than I think I’ve ever been. We fight and have our power struggles and I still know that I can tell you anything. ANYTHING.

Please know that you are beautiful, strong, caring, loving, loveable, and loved. Always.

Forever your ‘honeychild,’

Angel xo

Mummy and Me

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