You Deserve It!


Dear Friend,

I’m hoping you remember what I told you last week: you are good enough for whatever you desire. And you know what else? You deserve it, too. I’m serious. For real.

I know, from personal experience upon personal experience, how easy it is to come up with reasons why I won’t get that job I want or the pay I want or whatever. I know it’s easy to look at others and say, “Yeah but SHE’s always helping people” or “Yeah, but HE does more work than I do.” As if their accomplishments mean you’re not worthy. It just isn’t true. Just like there are those who seem to do more and have more than you, there are others who seem to do less, and have more. So, what does that even mean?

It means other people have no bearing on your worthiness or what you deserve. They’re only responsible for their lives, not yours. That’s on you. And a big part of our experiences here (on earth I mean) have to do with what we feel we deserve. You may have heard the expression, “We accept what we think we deserve.” If you hadn’t, now you have, and it rings true. If you don’t feel you deserve a raise, chances are you won’t try very hard to get it. If there’s any kind of setback or obstacle, I’m willing to wager that you’re likely to take it as a sign that it wasn’t meant for you.

While there are things that just aren’t meant for you, I’m sure you know the difference between accepting a result after having done all you can, and affecting the result because you chose to let it go. And either way is perfectly fine, really, it’s your life.

But you are worthy and deserving. I just really wanted to let you know.


All my love,

Angel xo


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