There is More than Enough to Go Around


Dear Friend,

The other day I found myself being envious of a co-worker of mine. I’d felt like she was falling into fortune that should have been mine. The way I saw it, if we were being logical, I’d worked there longer, so I should have… Well, anyway you get the picture. After about 20 minutes of quiet brooding (while pretending everything was great, of course), I remembered something I was told once, and I wanna share it with you: There is more than enough to go around.

Let’s think about it a bit: Is life a competition? Against whom? How would you know who won? How would you even get everyone to agree on what constituted “winning”? Seems to me, the problem with comparing myself with others is that I’m the only one who know the parameters. If we’re the ones setting the standard and then coming up wanting… then aren’t we just making ourselves miserable? Just something to consider.

My co-worker’s success has no bearing on my ability to be equally successful and I really believe this is true of everyone. Other’s successes take nothing away from our own. I was taught once to observe how abundant nature is. If nature can thrive and flourish then so can we. In the same way that plants and vines grow up through the cracks in the side-walk, we can always find a way to progress and grow. So now, we just need to decide if we’re going to keep looking.


All my love,

Angel xo

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