Letter for my Father


Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day! Last year I wrote you a song. This year, I’ve written a letter.

We are, now and forever, linked. You’ve always been my backbone, my sounding board, my sparring partner, and my blood. You keep me strong, grounded, and standing tall with my eyes straight ahead and angled slightly upwards.

You taught me that sometimes what I want to say may not always be the most helpful, and that sometimes I have to make decisions based on my long term goals and not just on how I’m feeling in the moment.

You even surprise me at times. You say things that make me look at you in a different light and appreciate you more and more. I can honestly say I think you’re even cooler now than I did when I was little. I admire your willingness to try new things and learn new things, and I love that you’ve included me in some of them. It has been a real joy growing up with you as my dad. Even when I was so mad at you because I thought you were being so unfair, I knew you would do anything to keep me safe and happy (long-term happy, not in-the-moment happy).

So, thank you for being my dad. For not just being around, but also present, which is not the same thing. Every friend and acquaintance I’ve ever introduced to you has said how lucky I am you’re my dad… Like I didn’t already know! Enjoy this day!


All my love, your daughter,

Angie xo



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