Your Life is Divinely Guided


Dear Friend,

Do you ever have those moments of intense confusion? You don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing with your life and the fact that you don’t know drives you crazy. I can’t be the only one… I hope! Sometimes they cause me to panic. As if I have to have it all figured out by now and if I don’t then my whole life moving forward will be a failure. A really helpful affirmation I say in times like that is, “My life is divinely guided and I am always going in the right direction.”

Now, I recognise this may not be your cup of tea (not everyone believes in a higher power). But I believe that we are all guided by a higher power (of many names) and an inner power and that both of these powers are divine. Yes, you and your intuition are an element of The Divine. Your ‘knowing’ (remember my last letter?) is every bit as deep and powerful as any external power, because really everything is connected. Everything. The trick is to pay attention and have faith in that guidance.

It always comes back to faith, doesn’t it?


All my love,

Angel xo


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