Everyone is Always Helpful


Dear Friend,

When I was younger I used to expect the worst. No matter where I was, my mind would take me to the most horrifying/embarrassing possibilities it could. I don’t know why this happened. It still does sometimes. Then I read somewhere about how our thoughts are not as intangible as I, well, thought. They become energy, or vibrations, that radiate from us all the time and they affect the kind of energy/vibrations we get back.

Any time I needed to ask someone for help, I assumed they’d say no, so I began by being on the defensive and, more often than not, they’d say no. How could I be surprised? I was never surprised that they said no, or that embarrassing things happened, because of course I expected it. Deep in my spirit, I believed the world was an unfair place and that everyone was out to get everyone, especially me.

This simple affirmation that I learned – everyone is always helpful – is the basis for every other self-work I do. It’s how I started my journey: by changing how I viewed the world. When you think about it, that’s a massive undertaking, changing your world-views. Which do you tend to believe? That everyone is out to get you or that everyone is always helpful? Whichever it is, are you happy with things as they are?

Just some things to think on.


All my love,

Angel xo



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