Forgive everyone, including yourself


Dear Friend,

How are you? I hope you are well. I’d love to hear how things are going with you. As for me, I’m pleased to say I’m really working on experiencing life as a joyous dance. And because of this, my low days don’t seem so low. It puts everything into a more peaceful perspective. Something else that’s really cool is when I see that I have a chance to really put one of my affirmations into practice. Sometimes these chances come and go without me realising it. The one I got to consciously put into practice recently was, “I forgive everyone, including myself.”

For some time now I’ve agreed with the adage that forgiving is more for you than the other person. That it releases you from whatever hurt and hate you may be holding on to, and that it isn’t about absolving the other person of whatever they may have done that hurt you. But the concept of forgiving everyone was a little crazy to me when I first read it. Everyone?! But again, if forgiveness is more for me than the other person, then yes. Everyone. It makes sense.

The really revolutionary part of it for me, however, was the idea of forgiving myself. Whoa. I’d been so used to judging myself harshly that even with the other affirmations I’d been working on, this didn’t click intuitively. I had to read it to really see how necessary it is. And if I’m forgiving everyone then that should include me, right? Right.

So for you, as you work on being your highest self, realise that sometimes you will act less than satisfactorily by your own standards. And in those moments (if you catch yourself), or after those moments (if you don’t), forgive yourself. Know that change is a process and it isn’t always easy and that’s perfectly fine. Forgive yourself. Release your disappointment in yourself. And keep dancing.


All my love,

Angel xo



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