All the Answers are Within You


Dear Friend,

How much do you trust other people? Now how much do you trust yourself? Difficult questions, perhaps. Here’s an easier one. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a hard time making a choice because you were afraid of making the wrong one? What did you do about that? Ask for advice? Research your question on Google? (We’ve all done this I’m sure) Or maybe you opted to do nothing in lieu of taking action (which is still a decision). It can be rough but I received a message some time ago that helps me a lot. Maybe it’ll help you?

All the answers are within me.

I have a tendency to get input from friends, family, sometimes even strangers, when I have a tough choice to make. It’s useful for me to hear multiple points of view. But at the end of the day, I know that only I can make the call. It is my life, and so it is my responsibility. When I first learned of this … idea that all the answers are within me, I had a hard time accepting that. How could the answers be in me? If they are, then why do I feel so uncertain and scared? True to this adage, as I thought about it more and more, the answer presented itself. I would feel uncertain and scared, because I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t give myself any credit that I had any sort of wisdom of my own. As a mid-20-something-year-old, I just assumed that I was too young to know anything significant about life. But thinking about it, it makes so much sense! Who knows you better than you? Even your parents, who may have been around from the beginning and never left, aren’t around you all the time. And as we get older, we begin to lead our own lives without them. And when that happens, we change. We are experts on ourselves, so why wouldn’t we have answers within us?

The next issue, for me anyway, was the “all” part. Surely I don’t have all the answers for everything? The way I see it now, no not everything everywhere for everyone every time. However, everything that matters to me and concerns me and my well being? YES. When I sit, and am still and centred, I always know what decision would leave me feeling the most at peace, or the most fulfilled.

You know you better than anyone, and when you give yourself the time, I truly believe you’ll find that all the answers you need for you are already right there within you. Give yourself some credit!


All my love,

Angel xo

If this is your artwork, please let me know so I can credit you! =)

If this is your artwork, please let me know so I can credit you! =)

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