You are Extraordinary


Dear Friend,

There is no one in the world who is exactly like you. You have so much beauty and purpose to bring to the world. Don’t ever let yourself feel like you’re insignificant or expendable because of someone else’s actions. Easy words to say, perhaps (maybe they aren’t easy for some of us to say about ourselves). You know what’s really tricky? Not letting yourself feel insignificant because of your own thoughts and actions.

It’s funny, I started writing this letter a couple weeks ago and meant to post it last Sunday, but forgot (sorry about that! My first missed Sunday). As it turns out, though, this letter I write to you is the lesson (I only realised yesterday) that I needed for myself. So I say these words to you, and hope that they sink into my subconscious.

I feel a little like Viola Davis’ character in The Help when she talks to the little girl. But you are special, you are smart, and you are important and I want you to always remember that. When people compliment you, what do you do? Do you say thank you but? “Aww thanks, but it’s only because…” If yes, stop doing that. Aim to only say “Thank you” (with a smile would be even better). For me, I’d mastered that phase, but the back talk was still going on in my head. I would smile and say a big thank you and then in my head doubt whether or not they meant it, or question why they said it, or wonder if they’d have said it if some other thing was true (there was always something).

Are you anything like me? Let’s try replacing our back chatter, or our “little hater” as Jay Smooth says (he even made a song about it, which I love, check it out), with things like “Damn right” or “I’m so glad you notice.”

That’s my goal from here on out and my challenge to you, because you deserve to feel as extraordinary as you already are!


All my love,

Angel xo



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