Why Settle?


Dear Friend,

Why do we not just go for what we want? Is it laziness? Ignorance? Maybe fear? Today I wanted a specific meal for dinner. I didn’t have the ingredients to cook it, but I knew exactly where to go to get it. But it was a longer walk than I wanted to make in the cold. So I compromised, went somewhere closer, and ended up paying more for less than what I wanted. It was good, sure, but it wasn’t what I wanted and I’m not sure it was worth what I paid for it.

Sometimes I think we just have to do the work. Go the distance. Put in the time and effort to get exactly what it is we want rather than settling. We may end up spending more than we intended getting what we didn’t even really want in the first place.

Perhaps you either spend your time and effort or you spend more money to compensate. Either way something gets spent, it’s just a question of what you choose to spend and what you choose to spend it on.

Just something to think about.


All my love,

Angel xo